Making Your Asthma Action Plan Work For You

An action plan is a written customized plan that can help you manage your asthma during exacerbations. It's based on changes in your peak flow numbers and respiratory symptoms that if present, would indicate that you are beginning to have trouble with your asthma control.

Often your symptoms of an early asthma exacerbation are very consistent from one episode to another, and when recognized as such, can help you start your action plan medications and emergency treatment as soon as possible. Your peak flow reading will help verify that your asthma is indeed requiring extra attention and will sometimes be lower than normal even before you have all of your warning symptoms or signs. If you know what to watch for and what steps to take based on your action plan, you will be able to make timely and appropriate decisions about managing your condition.

Action plans should be individualized and based on your set of warning symptoms and a recent best peak flow. Until adulthood, your action plan will need to be periodically updated to reflect your increasing peak flows adjusted for age and height as well as possible change in your early warning symptoms. We suggest you use our Action Plan which can be updated from your computer at any time with your most recent best peak flow, early warning symptoms, and your asthma/allergy medications. Please feel free to print and provide a copy to your school nurse, teachers, or care-takers as needed. Return periodically to update your plan and any changes in medications.

Date: 5/5/2005

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