Your Rights to Carry Medications for Asthma and Anaphylaxis in Public Schools

Does your child's school permit students with asthma to carry and use inhalers at school? What about epinephrine? Many states have passed legislation giving children this right.  See how Missouri and Illinois compare.

Asthma and allergies can happen any time, anywhere - in the classroom, on the playground, or in the lunchroom - so it's important for students to have immediate access to these lifesaving medications at all times.


As of 5/19/2006, public school students in Illinois rights are protected to possess and self-administer prescribed lifesaving asthma and anaphylaxis medications (injectable epinephrine).


In Missouri, the students rights are protected to possess and self-administer prescribed lifesaving asthma medications.

Missouri has pending legislation also allowing similar rights for possession and self-administration of anaphylaxis medications in Senate Bill 1085.  Contact your senators and let them know what you think about this issue.

SB 1085 - This act modifies the provisions relating to students self-administering medication. Under current law, any board of education may allow a student to self-administer medication to treat asthma. This act provides that school boards, its employees or agents shall grant authorization to students to possess and self-administer prescribed medication to treat asthma or anaphylaxis provided that the parent or guardian follow certain procedures.

This act defines "medication" as any medicine prescribed or ordered by a physician for the treatment of asthma or anaphylaxis. "Self-administration" is defined as a student's discretionary use of medication, pursuant to a prescription or written treatment plan from a licensed physician.

This act allows the student to carry and use the self-administered medication during school-sponsored activities beyond the regular school day or outside the school. Students are also allowed to bring backup medication and have it stored in a location at school where the student, or appropriate school agent if necessary and in accordance with the physician's written treatment plan, have immediate access in the event of a medical emergency.

Date: 7/10/2006

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