Testing Services

Skin Test

Using up to date easily placed applicators, we can test you for a variety of allergens. Small amounts of allergen solutions are placed on your back. Within 15 minutes we can tell you to which allergens you may be sensitive. Allergens available include pollens, mold, dust mites, animal dander and various foods. If necessary, venom skin tests will reveal sensitivity to insects. This is the most accurate test available. A short video demonstrating skin testing is available on our website.
Skin Test (dialup)Skin Test (high-speed)


In some situations we will send you to the laboratory for blood tests which can also be used to uncover allergy.

Pulmonary Functions:

For those patients with asthma, we can perform pulmonary functions conveniently in the office. This test will inform us of the severity of your asthma and is essential to guide future therapy.


If necessary we can order radiological tests to evaluate your chest or sinuses.


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