Treatment and Relief

Once the nature and cause of your problem is understood, we will select from a variety of treatment options. With one or more of these options, we will be able to give you the relief you desire.


We will make suggestions for the best methods to avoid certain allergens and irritants. By reducing exposure additional treatments will be more effective.


Fortunately we now have a large number of safe medications to treat all aspects of allergy and asthma with little or no side effects. These may involve the use of oral medications, inhalers, nasal sprays and eye drops or topical medications for the skin depending on you needs.  We will tailor a program specifically for you and then monitor your progress carefully. As your condition comes under control we can many times reduce medications over time.


In addition to the above measures, we may recommend a series of injections which will modify your immune system reducing your allergies. You would receive a specially prepared vaccine containing only those allergens to which you are sensitive. A five year program of injections will usually give lasting relief from allergies for the rest of your life.

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