Belleville Office

2900 Frank Scott Parkway West
Suite 914
Belleville, IL 62223


With over forty years of combined experience working with asthma and allergy patients, our dedicated and courteous staff will handle your visits to our offices in a friendly and efficient manner.  Phones are answered promptly and urgent issues are dealt with quickly. Care is taken to understand and accurately record and relay messages between patient and doctor. Our staff will be as accommodating as possible when scheduling office visits, arranging same day appointments whenever feasible for acutely ill patients. Requests for medication refills are taken care of as soon as possible. Our friendly and caring nurses and medical assistants will clearly and patiently explain procedures and instruct patients on proper technique in performing pulmonary function tests and the use of various devices and medications. Efforts are made to allay any apprehension about skin testing by explaining the methods and devices used and what to expect after the tests are applied. Patients on immunotherapy receive their injections quickly and all personnel are vigilant for symptoms of possible adverse reactions while patients are under observation.

Our front desk workers will assist patients in scheduling hospital, radiological, or laboratory tests. They will also make sure patient information and insurance plans are updated at each visit to ensure accurate and timely processing of claims. Follow up appointments with the doctor can be scheduled and a reminder will be sent to the patient prior to the appointment date. Patients are always encouraged to call our office if they have questions or concerns and everyone does their best to resolve any issues that arise.

Tesson Ferry Office

13303 Tesson Ferry Rd
Suite 150
St. Louis, MO 63128


Chris Vassonei, our receptionist, will help with check-in and future appointments.  Our excellent nursing staff will be available to focus on our patient's medical needs.

Phones for this office will be answered by the full-time staff in our Belleville office at 314-421-0663 (toll free).  We request that all of our Missouri patients use this number for contacting our office for appointments, specific inquiries and for daytime calls to Dr. Johnson.

Our after-hour emergency number remains the same at 314-868-7700.